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            Cautions in the Use of Fume Purifier


            1. The air leakage prevention measures should be taken at the junction of the air pipes. To ensure the contagion effectiveness of the equipment.
            2. The variable-diameter air duct adjacent to the inlet and outlet of the equipment should be as smooth as possible to ensure the infective effect of the equipment. Straight pipes with lengths more than four times larger than diameter must be assembled and connected with smooth pipes.
            3. In order to ensure the result of infection, the air volume of individual fan is supposed to be larger than the intended air volume of equipment. The equipment must work under the intended air volume. Users can use frequency converter to control the fan or install air regulating valve at the outlet of the fan.
            4. So the soft connection must be used when connecting the air ducts of the light blower. Vibration when the equipment is running will not work properly.
            5. Reduce the additional resistance of the fan. The inlet of the fan should be kept in a straight section of 1-2 meters.
            6. When air is drawn by a unified exhaust fan, when multiple devices are used in parallel. It is also necessary to ensure that the proportion of air handling capacity allocated to each equipment is close to the proportion of air handling capacity he intends to handle.
            7. The equipment should work under negative wind pressure to ensure the contagious effect of the equipment. That is, the fan must be set in front of the equipment.
            8. Rain-proof and sun-shading awnings should be installed and assembled outdoors. It saves the normal operating life of the equipment and increases the unnecessary maintenance cost.

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