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            Choose industrial soot purifier to remember four points!


            In order to make full efforts to fight the blue sky defense war and build a bridge between law enforcement departments and businesses, the relevant leaders of the street office and the city management office invited the Deputy captain of environmental supervision officers and soldiers on many occasions to communicate the blue sky defense policy to caterers and painters who did not install industrial lampblack purifiers in their jurisdiction. Among the nearly 50 questions raised by nearly 400 businessmen on the spot, how to choose and buy Industrial Soot purifiers is frequently mentioned. Officers and soldiers answer them one by one according to law enforcement experience, and emphasize four points:
            1. Look at qualifications. We can check whether the equipment manufacturer has the certificate of national environmental protection products on the internet. Businessmen choose Industrial Soot purifiers that have been certified and have test reports. Not only do they not worry about the inspection by relevant departments, but also the purifying performance and product quality are guaranteed.
            2. Installation of facilities. The installation scheme of oil fume purification project directly affects the investment, installation cycle and equipment performance and life of merchants. Businessmen should carefully evaluate the installation plan proposed by the equipment side when selecting.
            3. Documents. The paint baking room should reach the discharge standard and go through the relevant examination and approval procedures. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that such documents are not in the environmental protection department and need to be processed by merchants in the transportation department under their jurisdiction.
            4. Diligent maintenance. Equipped with equipment does not mean that you are comfortable. Businessmen should also pay attention to keeping clean. After a certain period of operation, dirt will appear to varying degrees. If the equipment is not cleaned up in time, resistance will increase and purification efficiency will decrease. The lighter one will cause excessive soot emission, while the heavier one may damage the life of the equipment.

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