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            How to Clean and Maintain Electric Field of Fume Purifier

            The main function of the lampblack purifier is to filter the lampblack produced by kitchens and industrial production equipment to reduce air pollution and physical injury. However, with the passage of time, the internal oil pollution will gradually deposit. If not cleaned regularly, the function of filtering oil fume will not be achieved, and burning oil fume purifier will even cause fire. Therefore, regular cleaning of the fume purifier is necessary, especially the electric field in the fume purifier, after cleaning, it should be maintained regularly.
            Extract the pre-filter and electric field components, soak them in a mixture of caustic soda and hot water with a weight ratio of 1:25, then rinse them with high-pressure water gun and clean water, and dry them in a clean place.
            Correction method of electric field after cleaning
            Maintenance method of anode plate: check whether the cathode and anode plates are deformed or not, and if so, gently rectify them with pliers.
            Maintenance method of corona wire: Check whether the corona wire has fallen off or not, and if so, it should be replaced.
            Maintenance method of high-pressure contact point: Check whether the high-pressure contact point has fallen off or not, if there is, it should be replaced.
            Method of cleaning and repairing high voltage insulators: Check whether the high voltage insulators have burned traces. If there is a need for replacement, the cleaning should first spray alcohol on the high voltage insulators, and then wipe them clean with cloth.
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